Sell Your Land

Is This You?

Tired of spending money on the land taxes and dues?

Want or need some cash for your land?

No longer have use for your land?

Are you looking for an easy solution to sell land?

We Want to Buy Your Land Now!

We are ready to offer you cash for your land. With years and years of land buying experience we make selling your land very simple.

How Our Method Works

Step 1

Property Research

Use our simple and easy to use Sell Your Lot Form. This will give us the information to begin reviewing and researching your property. We will determine what we could offer you for your land.

Step 2


If your property meets our buying criteria, we will determine an offer amount and contact you by phone or email to discuss the offer amount with you.

Step 3

Purchase Agreement/Contract is Sent

Once you accept our offer, we will send a basic purchase agreement. We use a simple digital-signature platform (SignNow), to save time of having to send mail back and forth. We can also mail the Agreements to you, if you prefer.

Step 4

Title Company

Once your signed agreement is received by us, we will begin our title inspection on the property. We work with a large network of established title companies, real estate attorneys, and real estate title professionals that will check the title to your property and help to arrange closing. All that is required is a few signatures on your end. There is no need to travel to complete the sale. We organize everything for you! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Step 5

Closing Is Done and You Get Paid

Once our title examination is complete, and we have concluded that there is clear title to your property, we will schedule with you to set up the closing. A title professional or real estate attorney will prepare the documents for you to sign, notarize, and return to them. Once they receive the signed and notarized documents, the agreed upon funds are distributed and you get paid! This system is simple and we are here for you if you ever have any questions. Looking forward to working with you!!

Are You Ready to Sell Your Land?

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